Authentication for

Our authentication system 'Truefactor' consists of two essential components Authentication of Users and Authentication of device.

Authentication Methods

Truefactor is our flagship authentication suite. It consists of dramatically innovative authentication methods for your users.


OTP's are awesome. They work without Internet and have many usability advantages. It just got better as now user doesn't have to type any codes.


Every time user wants to authenticate himself/herself, they get a push notification on their mobile.


Every time user wants to authenticate himself/herself, they scan a QR Code displayed on screen with mobile.

Security Token

No Internet? Use the Security token generated inside users mobile for all TOTP/HOTP compatible applications.


Validating device with clinical perfection

Truefactor is equipped with a device profiling algorithm to validate users devices and making sure they malicious actors come to you. Authentication of the device is very important as in many cases it's a compromised device that's the reason for a successful attack.

Powered by Machine Learning

Since it's powered by Machine learning, it learns over time and becomes more accurate. The more your users authenticate, the more accurate it becomes.

BYOD Ready

With Analytics, your authentication is not just BYOD ready but also gives enhanced control and a birds-eye view of your user's device health.

360 Degree Protection

Securing an endpoint isn't enough. Hackers are everywhere and protecting each and every endpoint is important. That's why we've built a 360-degree protection plan for organizations of any scale.

User friendly

We are leveraging user intutive interfaces to ensure that users have no pain authenticating while hackers have a tough time penetrating.

Fraud Detection

With Machine learning powered fraud detection, we took security to a whole new level. Authentication is your first line of defense and this feature just makes your defense even stronger.

Policy Driven

We understand one size doesn't fit all. That's why we built a 'dope' way of customizing your authentication workflow. This is how it looks when security and flexibility are married.

Want to see it live in action?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is your solution?

Please visit our Security page to know the security practices we follow.

Can I have a demo?

Yes, we'd love to demo various solution for you. Please go here to schedule a demo.

Are there any one using this solution?

We have corporate and enterprises that use our product that our team can present case-by-case basis. Contact Us for info.

How can I integrate this into my application?

We have standard integrations for most platforms. Please contact us to know how you can get started.

What's the pricing?

One size doesn't fit all, we charge organizations according to the number of transactions/users whichever works for you. Contact us to get a quote.